I’m a public artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. After growing up in Ohio and New Hampshire, I moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a BFA at Carnegie Mellon University where I graduated with Honors in 2007. I lived and worked in Los Angeles before receiving a Fulbright grant in 2008 to create sculpture in Iceland based on the society’s interaction with its unique landscape. After completing my grant work in 2009, I continued my practice in Pittsburgh before relocating to Seattle in the fall of 2014. In 2017, I received a Master’s of Social Work from the University of Washington in order to further develop community engagement aspects of my work, focusing on the unique roles that thoughtful public art can play in positive community development. My public art experience has included permanent sculptures, interactive exhibits, signage, large-scale murals, crosswalks, and wall pieces for various community groups, universities, and arts organizations around the country, as well as multiple self-initiated works in both the U.S. and abroad.


The ultimate goal of my artistic practice is to put surprising, playful, and thought-provoking work in public spaces where it can be experienced and enjoyed by an expanded audience. Whether it’s mural work, sculpture, or a combination of the two, my work aims to provide a change of pace to the often-monotonous hustle and bustle of daily life, while simultaneously encouraging a fresh look at the site and culture that the work inhabits.

Public art is unique in its ability to surprise its viewers. Beyond inspiring passersby in the moment, good public art can make everything around us look and feel a little different. Whether it’s a giant acorn smashing a park bench, huge birds wrapping an unused building in ribbon, or a man being swallowed up by a pay phone, my work presents unique narratives that ask viewers to explore possibilities, both in the physical landscape and within themselves and their communities.

While every project is different, I consistently employ the same steps (that I call the three Cs) to ensure a dynamic and creative concept that speaks truthfully to the community and positively interacts with its surroundings.

CULTURE: An understanding of the perspectives, feelings, and desires of the viewers: gained through collaboration
CONTEXT: Successful consideration of, and interaction with, the project site and surroundings
CREATIVITY: A unique exploration of project themes and imagery uncovered through community engagement

Upcoming Projects

Indiana 811: Indiana State Fair Mural. Indianapolis, IN
I’ll be heading down to Indianapolis to create a three dimensional ground mural for Indiana 811, reminding people to ‘know what’s below’ before they dig.

Neighbors, 4Culture 2018 Art Projects Grant: Seattle, WA
Thanks to a generous grant from 4Culture, I’ll be creating some narrative panel murals on vacant buildings in King County.